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What are Gel Polish Nails?

Sup Bella’s? Did you know that Gel Polish Nails is a thick liquid gel that comes in a bottle with a variety of colours, shimmers and glitters? Oh! Did you also know that it lasts up to 2 or 3 weeks and you don’t need to wait for around 15 - 20 mins for your nails to get fully dry. Isn't that just amazing? If you're someone that needs to have shiny and pretty nails all the time like MWAH, well I totally recommend saying bye-bye to nail varnish manicures and say hello to gel polish manicures at your nearest salon right now. If you're curious and want to know more information on gel polish nails, keep on reading.

What is a Gel Polish Nail Manicure?

Gel Polish nail manicure is a soak off system that is applied to your natural nails. The steps are like nail varnish except for drying, and when applying gel on your nails it's so important to have no trace of any oils, dirt, or dead skin on your cuticle area, otherwise, your product will definitely lift and chip.

So, just like nail varnish, you apply your base coat first, 2 or 3 coats of gel polish in the colour of your choice, and finish off with a glossy or matte top coat. Each layer of gel polish you apply has to be cured (dried) under the LED Lamp for 60 secs or UV Lamp for 120 secs in order to apply the next layer of gel polish.  When you've reached the last layer of gel (top coat) and it has been cured, there will be a tacky layer left. You may think it’s not dry, but it’s just a sticky layer that helps the next layer to stick on. To remove the tacky layer, use a cleanser wipe or rubbing alcohol. And whoala, finished. Some Gel top coats don’t have that tacky layer, so you can just skip the cleanser wipe part - which saves time.

Can Gel Polish Dry without a LED or UV Lamp?

Nope. Gel polishes cannot dry without an LED OR UV lamp. Though it may look like nail varnish, gel polishes can’t air dry because of the chemicals in the gel polishes. It contains something called Methacrylate polymer (Yoh! What a mouthful). So, they only react when it’s exposed to the different wavelengths and intensity of LED or UV lights, which makes a process that allows the gel to harden.

It’s really confusing to get your head around. But, all you really need to know is that anything that has gel in it needs to be cured (dried) under an LED or UV lamp only.

What's the average cost of Gel Polish Nails?

The average cost of getting gel polish nails at a salon is around £20 to £25, but this depends if you want some extra things added like glitter, art, or gems. Also, it may depend on the area you live and the brands the salon uses. Though it may seem pricey, I think it’s so worth every penny considering that the gel polish lasts 2 -3 weeks. Getting a bit pampered is a bonus and you leave the salon with shiny, glossy, pretty nails which makes you feel like you got everything under control. Well, that’s how I feel anyway.

Are Gel Polish Nails Safe?

Yep. Gel polish nails are super safe. It doesn't damage your natural nails unless you're someone that loves picking or pulling off the gel polish (makes me mad sometimes when my clients do it). What you don’t realize is when you pick it off, you're actually taking off a few layers of your natural nail along with the gel polish and bang! Your nails look terrible and weak and then you start complaining that the gel polish damages your nails.  So please, I beg you, do not do that ish.

Incorrect removal of gel polish may also cause damage to your natural nails so make sure your nail technician is gentle in removing your gel polish and isn’t scraping off your nail plate aggressively. After being soaked off for the correct amount of time, the product should just crumble down. If there are bits that may still be on the nail plate then she can use a buffer to remove it.

How long do Gel Polish Nails Last?

So, Gel Polish nails last about 2 weeks depending on the brand you use. You will notice your nails have grown out of the cuticle area, leaving a bit of a gap, and a few chippings here and there. This means you will need to have it removed and have it redone.

How do I make Gel Polish Nails last longer?

Here are a few tips on how you can make gel polish nails last longer.

♥ Avoid putting your hands in hot water, for example, having a steamy bath or shower,  the heat can seep into your nail plates and cause the product to lift.

♥ Moisturize your hands and apply cuticle oil daily. This will help your nails stay hydrated and always have that fresh and healthy look.

♥ Wear gloves when do you washing or anything involving cleaning products.

♥ Do not tear open letters or parcels with your nails! Use scissors instead.

♥ DO NOT use your nails as tools, treat them like jewels!

♥ Do not pick, pull, or chew your nails!!

♥ Drink lots of water!

How to remove Gel Polish Nails?

Removing Gel Polish nails is easy, but it does require a bit of technique and patience. But no worries. Just watch a few gel removal youtube videos on how to do it, and if you still think you're not capable of doing this by yourself, go to your nearest salon and have them removed for you.

So what you'll need is

→ Pure acetone

→ 10 little pieces of cotton pads

→ Tin foil

→ Cuticle steal pusher

→ Cuticle oil

→ Cuticle steal pusher

→ Buffer

→ Strengthener

First, you would take a piece of cotton ball, add the acetone to it and place the ball on your nail.Grab a piece of foil and attach it to the cotton on your nail, wrapping the foil around your finger.Repeat step 1 and 2 on all fingers.  Leave it for 15 - 20mins. While you wait for your gel nails to soak have a cup of tea and watch your favourite tv series or read a book as 20 mins can get a bit boring .  Take off the foil and cotton pad, and with a cuticle steal pusher gently scrape off the gel bits.Buff off any bits of gel left.Apply a strengthener and Cuticle oil.Whala, you're done.

What are the benefits of wearing Gel Polish Nails?

So, the benefit of wearing Gel Polish on your nails is:

♥ A good pamper treat for yourself esp. when life gets in the way and you forget to take a bit of a break for yourself.

♥ Having pretty, beautiful, shiny, lasting gel polish nails

♥ You feel great, confident and presentable.

♥ Its quick, as you don’t need to wait 20 mins for the polish to dry.

♥ It protects and makes your natural nails stronger.

♥ It helps cover/hide away any imperfections such as discolouration, damage, disease, or minor trauma on your nail plate.

♥ If you have short nail beds, some colour gels can give an illusion of making your nails look longer.

♥ You can get gel polish on your toes to match with your fingernails.

♥ Gel Polishes come in 100 different colours. This is great esp. if you're not much of a bright or dark colour type of person as you have the choice of getting a more natural look on your nails like light pinks or even french gel.

Go on, get yourself a Gel Polish Nail Manicure

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and learned something new. If you are a newbie on gel polishes and love having your nails done all the time, I recommend treating yourself to a gel polish nail manicure kit at your nearest nail or beauty salon.


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