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Best Valentine’s Ideas for your Nails

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and women everywhere will be thinking of fun little ways to dress for the occasion. Options depend somewhat on what’s planned for the holiday, but smaller ideas like getting your nails done for Valentine's can pretty much work regardless - which is why it’s about time to start thinking about what you might want to do! Below we’ve put together some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day, ranging from colours and designs to actual date ideas. So get your nail desks, mirrors and beautiful makeup tables out, and lets get ready for valentines. Hopefully you’ll find a bit of helpful inspiration, and if not, then Happy Valentine’s Day anyway!


We’ll mention hearts at the top because they can be done in all sorts of different ways, and are of course classic looks for Valentine’s Day. The most common way to work hearts into the picture might be with a glossy, neutral finish and tiny hearts speckling the nails. but there are other ways as well. For instance, one particularly showy way to incorporate this favourite Valentine’s Day symbol is to do white nails with red coming from either the top or the bottom and rounding into a shape like the top of a heart.

Subtle Valentine’s Colors

Marie Claire composed a list of some lovely examples of Valentine’s Day nails, and one thing we noticed is that some of the best looks used traditional colours in more subtle ways. For example, a layered, pink-and-gold design was very pretty, and the design labeled “subtle, millennial-pink mani” with neutral pink nails with golden bands across the base is one of the best looks we’ve seen. This is all just a reminder that as bright and colourful as the holiday is, a more muted take can sometimes result in a classier appearance, while still embracing the occasion.

A Deeper Red

If you want to go for a look that’s a bit less playful and a touch sexier, opt for a simple, deep red. Lots of the looks you see when you look into Valentine’s Day nails are crimson or pink, or feature decorative elements like some of what’s described above. But if you’re going for a more serious, seductive, or even romantic look, a deep, rich red can make quite a statement, particularly if it’s not ordinarily part of your repertoire.

Neutral With Glitter

Going the other way entirely, a very playful yet surprisingly classy touch can be to go with a neutral shade speckled in golden glitter. A light pink, nude, or even white set of nails with this kind of accent can match your attire for a date, and makes your nails look special and appropriate for the occasion without being too “loud” or gaudy.

A Casino Night Out

Stepping away from nails and toward nail events, a casino night out can be a surprisingly perfect Valentine’s date. Why? Because you can go get all set with your nails and hair at a casino spa, and he can go do whatever he likes in the meantime. Sports betting is currently expanding in the U.S, so he can watch a game at the sportsbook, or simply play a few games while he’s waiting. This means you both have some fun at the same facility, you get your nails done professionally, and then the two of you can meet up for the date. That may mean a fancy dinner on site, a couples’ massage followed by dinner, a show if there’s one at the resort, and ultimately a night in a nice hotel room.


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