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Chrome Powder


Forget your shimmery polishes, forget your glitters or other nail art stuff you have lying around, and get yourself a pot of Mirror Chrome Powder at any nail supplier store.

If you want to see some magic and have a super high shine mirror effect on your nails, keep on reading and take a look at some of the most beautiful chrome powder nails below.

What are Chrome Powder Nails?

So, Chrome Powder Nails have been around for a long time, but it only became the biggest trend in 2017. It comes in a loose powder (which looks similar to a loose glitter eye-shadow powder) and is applied on top of a no-wipe gel top coat. Okay, so now for the fun part. Once you've rubbed it on it changes the gel polish colour underneath and turns it into a super high shine Mirror chrome effect almost like after someone's polished the steel bit of a car wheel.

As long as you apply this on a no-wipe gel top coat (I will explain further on as to why), you can put it on Acrylic extensions, Gel extensions or Gel Polish manicure, This powder will look good on short nails, long nails and any shape.

How to apply Chrome Powder Nails?

Before applying your Chrome Powder on your nails, you will need to apply a gel polish colour and a no-wipe top coat. If you want to know how to do this, go on my previous blog post How to apply gel at home.

Right, here are my simple steps in applying Chrome Powder on your nails:

So, after you've applied your no wipe top coat, you do not need to remove any sticky layer, that's why its called “no wipe top coat” hehe.Take a sponge eyeshadow applicator and dip it into the powder (you don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way).I like to rub it onto the nail, making sure I get every corner and not missing any bits.Rub it till you see this mirror shiny effect.Apply to all your nailsTake your no wipe top coat and apply it to your nails and cure it for 60 secs LED lamp or 2 mins on your UV lamp.  Take a buffing brush to brush off all the excess around the skin.Get some cuticle oil and apply to your cuticles and rub it in circular movements.Whola! Easy and Quick!

How to remove Chrome Powder Nails

Follow these simple steps on how you can remove chrome powder nails.

First, you buff off the shine of the chrome powder.So just like you would remove gel polish, you remove the chrome powder by taking a piece of a cotton pad, add acetone to it and place the ball on your nail.Grab a piece of foil and wrap around the finger you placed the cotton ball on.Do step 1 and 2 on all fingers.  Leave it for 15 -  20 mins. While you wait for your gel nails to soak, have a cup of tea and watch your favourite tv series or read a book. 20 mins gets a bit boring  Take out the foil and cotton pad and with a cuticle steal pusher and gently scrape off the gel bits.Buff the nails, buffing off any bits that are left.If you want a colour change and want to know how you can apply gel polish at home.Apply a strengthener and Cuticle oil.

How long does Chrome Powder last?

Since it's been applied on a gel polish, it will last up to 2 weeks.

Why is it important to have the best Top Coat for Chrome Powder Nails?

It's important to have the best top coat for Chrome powder because some top coat brands won't give off the Chrome's true effect. I’ve been asking around and nail techs recommend to try Shine on no wipe top coat by Akzentez .

You can use a Gel top coat that has a sticky layer if you want, but it will be an extra step for you as the chrome powder won't stick to the surface. You'll have to remove the sticky layer first, so get a lint-free wipe to remove it till it leaves a shiny surface.

Where can you buy Chrome Powders?

Here are a few of places where you can buy Chrome Powders. They come in a variety of colours.


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